Sabtu, 26 Juni 2010

but inside, you're just a little baby

lately i’ve been relating my life to a few songs in a way that i never have before, and i find it strange. of course, it probably happened to you too, at least once, since it is basically the whole point of music. but, listen to me. it’s to a point where i almost feel like my life is a musical. i’m not crazy, okay kid. i just happen to find those songs that i can relate to so well, i could stop talking and simply play songs. maybe it never happened to me before for the simple reason that i never really cared about the lyrics. i usually like a song for it’s music, or the singer. everything is different now though, i’m becoming obsessed with lyrics. i want to find their meaning, i want to know what’s really behind them.

i finished tenth grade, and i’m so glad i am. this semester was terrible. i considered dropping out of school so many times over the past months, i’m just not interested anymore. i don’t have the motivation to keep going. only one more semester, and then it’s finally over. but not really?

i have 2 years to decide what am i gonna be cause i have to pick good university to got a good job. but to be honest, i don’t feel like i fit in any of those two categories. i just wanna be me, i just wanna do what i wanna do when i want to, i just wanna have my little projects and use all my time to work on them. isn’t it what we all want though? maybe, maybe not. as much as i feel like we’re all so different, i also feel like we’re all the same. in the end, we all want the same thing, whether we admit it or not. and you wanna know how i’ve been enjoying my first few days of vacation? i did nothing. nothing. nothing!

well, i have done a few things, but nothing too serious. i wake up, i shower, i eat, i read, i watch movies, i eat again, i watch tv shows, i stay up late and god knows why, and then finally i go to bed. the next day, it starts all over again. i’m not complaining, i love it. i’m starting to feel a little weird though, i haven’t gone out of my house for three days, but hey, i need a break! you can’t blame me. i have been in forever. i’ve been updating my blog. i’ve been socializing or whatever it is. i’ve read books i’ve been meaning to read for so long. i’ve watched movies i own on dvd and never even watched before. that’s quite a job for me.

i should start going out a little bit though, after all, i’ve still got more than a week of vacation. maybe i should set a plan with my friend or just being a couch potato watch all this FIFA things with a big bag of chitato.

i feel like this post doesn’t mean anything, or doesn’t make any sense, i will stop here.

listening to : kate nash - doo wah doo

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