Senin, 12 April 2010

why sun and moon appear in different time?

and this how it begins .......

a long time ago in a great big sky there was a big mushy cloud. inside the big mushy cloud there lived a lovely couple Mr.sun and Lady moon. they were such a great couple. they never fought with each other. they lived happily, always full of smile and laughter together.

but one day Mr.sun and Lady moon had a great fight.

" what are you doing here, moon?! " asked Mr.sun

" i was looking for you my dear... why are you walking alone? " said Lady moon

" yeah i don't want to see you anymore!! " he shouted

" but why?? " asked Lady moon

" you think i don't know?? i saw you kissing with mars!! " answered Mr.sun

" you saw what? uh oh no we were not kissing! " answered Lady moon

" so you think i'm blind?! " he said

" no my love no. it wasn't like what you think, it was just a friend kiss not a french kiss " said Lady moon

" oh moon! you're such a smartass liar, you don't even know what french kiss is and you don't even have an ass! just go away and leave me alone " said Mr.sun

" but it was an accident, really! i have no feeling at all for Mars, he's Venus boyfriend " said Lady moon

" so? LIAR!! just leave me alone. GO AWAY! " asked Mr.sun

" please calm down sun, please reduce the fire in you. you are burning with jealousy. you could hurt our friend, the earth. your heat will reduce earth's shield " begged Lady moon

" who cares??! why should i bother about others while my feelings is really hurt! you broke my heart moon, you broke it " said Mr.sun

" i'm sorry, i'm so so sorry. i didn't mean to hurt your feeling sun " said Lady moon

" you said you love me, but why did you do that?! " said Mr.sun

" i don't know the situation, i was at loss and i'm so sorry for that sun please forgive me " said Lady Moon

" you think by saying sorry would fix all the damage you've done?? it's not that simple lady moonron. you've lied and i can't believe you anymore " said Mr.sun

" but but i was going to tell you i just need to find the right time even if i tell you, you'll be very mad " said Lady moon

" OF COURSE I WILL BE MAR ARRGH you fickle bitch! you should just kiss another boy like uranus or pluto if you want! no one gonna stop you " said Mr.sun at the top of his anger.

Lady moon can't stand it so she ran away, far far away from Mr.sun

that's why we can only see Mr.sun in the day time and Lady Moon in the night with her twinkling tears " the stars ". Sometimes Lady moon is still there when the morning comes. She wants to see Mr.sun, even just behind the clouds.

so how about the eclipse?

actually, Lady moon and Mr.sun are actually still love each other so much. sometimes it really hurts realizing how they miss each other.

so when they could not bear the feeling of wanting to meet, they would come across each other briefly and would cause darkness to the earth.

it's called total eclipse of the heart!

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