Jumat, 23 April 2010

there are no words for this

never say i love you
if you don't really care

never talk of feelings
if they aren't really there

never hold my hand
if you mean to break my heart

never say forever
if you ever plan to leave

never look into my eyes
if you telling me a lie

never say hello
if you mean to say goodbye

never say i'm the one
if you dream another

never lock up my heart
if you don't really have the key

i had closed the door upon my heart
and wouldn't let anyone in
i had trusted and loved
but its only hurt me
and that would never be happen again

i had locked the door upon my heart
and tossed the key
i wouldn't let anyone in
as hard and as far as i could
love would never enter my life again
my heart was closed for good ....

in the brightness of sun
show me that you are the one
give me wings so i can fly
enter my heart
break down the wall
i've been prisoner, can't you see?
break my chains
and set me free
release my soul held deep within
i'm ready now
let the love begin ......

listening to : owl city - if my heart was a house

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