Jumat, 23 April 2010

a whole lot of nothing

go away bad thoughts. you stress me out. you make me restless. you make me worry about my future. you make me wonder what is going to happen within the next few years. i don’t want us to go through another pessimist way like i did a while ago. it would be awful. i prefer my life that happen few years ago. things need to go back to normal. so please, thoughts, pack up your stuff and leave. you can perhaps go on Mars. i heard there’s life up there, but i don’t believe it for much, so i doubt you will be bothering anyone. heard me? good good.

my pessimist thing is seriously stressing me out more and more everyday. what can i do? i want them to get the hell out from me. oh yea, i haven't tell you what is going on today. something really broke my heart. twice. you don't have to know why and yet i still don't know what to do. i'm trying not too fucked up about it. perhaps i must try become more religious and pray every night. wish me luck :P

and i just find a song that sound pretty cool. i like the lyrics. the lyrics is so well-written. so this song is called ' by your side ' performed by tenth avenue north. check this out!

why are you striving these days
why are you trying to earn grace
why are you crying
let me lift up your face
just don't turn away

why are you looking for love
why are you still searching as if I'm not good enough
to where will you go child
tell me where will you run
to where will you run

and i'll be by your side
wherever you fall
in the dead of night
whenever you call
and please don't fight
these hands that are holding you
my hands are holding you

look at these hands and my side
they swallowed the grave on that night
when I drank the world's sin
so i could carry you in
and give you life
i want to give you life

cause i, i love you
i want you to know
that i, i love you
i'll never let you go

you know i could played this song for a hundred times (oke ini agak lebay) but seriously i really love this song and i think i'm gonna dying if someday there's a guy came up to me and sing me this song. awwwwh so schveeeet <3 anyway gua capek pake inggris melulu daritadi. sekarang udah malem dan gua udah ngantuk sih daritadi tapi hastrat buat bikin blog udah menggebu gebu daritadi jadi yaudah yak gua mau bercinta dulu sama guling dan bantal gua lol. lights off!

listening to : nightwish - beauty of the beast

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