Sabtu, 17 Juli 2010

i'm only gonna let you kill me once

sorry if i haven’t been updating the blog over the past few days, i was visiting family on the “country side” of sumatra. well, it wasn’t really on the country side, like they live kind of by a city, but still! if you compare it to jakarta, it sure doesnt seem like it! but it was fun. i hadn’t seen my aunts and cousins in so long. some of my family live very far away from jakarta, so it hard for us to see each other. what i really liked is they live right by in a tanjung benoa beach, which is one of my favorite beach all the time. we went there on thursday, and i actually liked it. a lot of people who live there always complain about how boring, ugly and annoying of a city it is, but visiting was definitely fun. it kinda makes me missed jakarta.

visiting family is always fun thought, especially when it’s some kind of reunion. there’s a lot of good food! the first night we had some amazing sushi and the seafood things. it was so good! it does get a little bit weird when your whole family is drinking wine over dinner, cause.. family dinners usually last a while so by the end of the dinner everyone’s very tipsy, or just plain drunk. and then they start talking about such random things. it was a lot of fun though! the funniest part is when my aunts wanted a picture together, and in every picture they looked very drunk/buzzed, like they had their eyes half closed. and i kept having to re-take the picture and i was getting annoying. i kept saying “heyyy open your eyes, they’re like half closed.” and they’d say “what are you talking about?!?!” and then they’d open them so wide that they’d just end up looking like weirdos!

btw, school is started on monday. i'm not ready for it. i know there's gonna be tons of homework and assignment,im not ready to think and to have that 'brianstorming'. ugh. wish me luck

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