Kamis, 08 Juli 2010

honey, honey

last night, around 1am, i finished reading a book for the first time in forever. i have, though, once in a while the past months started reading books, but then half way done i’d stop and start a new one. i don’t know, i tend to do that. either because the book is boring the hell out of me, or because the story is so good that i don’t want it to come to an end. you have no idea how many books i stopped reading when there was only a chapter left. maybe i’m scared that the end will be disappointed and i’d rather imagine my own ending? maybe maybe. but this time i told myself i needed to finally finish one! and i did! except i did feel like the story ended way too soon, if you’ve read a book before you probably know what i’m talking about. i hate when that happens. right when you finally get into the book, and fall for the characters.. the story comes to an end. it sucks! but i guess we can blame the author. they’re the ones who take up 200 pages to make you fall into the story. some authors can clearly make you interested after just five pages, if not less. but the story was good. i liked it. and i started reading another book this morning. it’s quite addicting, you know, once you start reading books. you realize how entertaining they really are ;)

it’s still cloudy, rainy, very sucky outside. it’s been weeks! and the bad weather just won’t go away. i’d appreciate it but hello it's supposed to be summer now! but never mind. forget it, i'm in love with the rain. btw, school holiday is only about few days and nothing special in this holiday. just another boring and lame holiday.

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